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Starting on December 1st, Live More Awesome is teaming up with our friends at the Women’s Collective to bring you #25daysofgratitude. Gratitude is a cornerstone to mental health and happiness and something that most of us don’t pay enough attention to. This time of year is busy and a time of rampant consumerism that can push us over the edge which makes it the perfect situation to take a little bit of time each day in order to make sure we look at what really matters in our lives. The practical benefits of gratitude have been written about for centuries and positive psychology has been talking about it since the late 50’s.

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We always feel so alone with depression. We feel like we’re the only ones in the world suffering and we feel like it doesn’t happen to other people. It does. It even happens to high profile people, like the Rock. Johnson appeared on a recent episode of Oprah’s show, Master Class, and opened up about his past struggles with depression. It’s so important that we talk about this more in order to reduce the stigma surrounding it and it’s even more important that men start talking about it as men are four times more likely to try and commit suicide. The Rock advocating people to ask for help is a fantastic step

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The World’s Biggest Waterslide is now our Annual Fundraiser and the tickets are now on sale for the 2016 event on the 12-14 of February out at Jonkers Farm, near Bethells Beach in Auckland. We’d love your support to help spread the word and help us sell out this event so that we can finally have some money coming into the charity to help make a difference in the way we think about mental health. Much love, Jimi & Dan.

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Every once in a while you’ll get a person who is simply just being a dick to you… I occasionally get them to, this is how I deal with the situation.  

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The good people at The Wireless have done a series of videos on mental health, this one happens to have me in it. I applaud anyone that is starting conversations and having people tell their story, so this is just another great initiative to do just that. This is me talking about the current state of mental health. Enjoy…

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