One fateful day, Jimi decided to go on a crazy adventure... He decided to lilo (a plastic inflatable mattress) the entire length of New Zealand's longest river, the mighty Waikato. He needed help organising it, so he asked his best mate Dan if he would help. He did. It all worked out pretty damn well and in March 2012 when it was all over, they decided that they needed to do more to bring awareness to mental health, so they sat down and came up with the idea for Live More Awesome. And just like that, it was a thing.

Yip. These two weirdos...


Live More Awesome’s goals are as follows:

  • Start as many open and honest conversations about mental health as humanely possible in order to help normalise it and reduce the stigma surrounding it
  • Inspire and encourage as many people to ask for help with their mental health as possible
  • Help direct all of the people who ask for help to specific help in their area.

That’s it. Simple goals with MASSIVE implications.

“People with low mental health need love and understanding. People can’t understand what they don’t know. The more we talk about it, the more we change the way society treats mental health.”