I’m currently travelling around the US for three months and I had a realisation that I put onto my own personal instagram (@thejimihunt), it was that I’d had more compliments in my first week in LA than I’d had in my last year in New Zealand. It made me think about how often I compliment people… and the answer is ‘not enough’.

Giving someone a genuine compliment brings a smile to their face, a smile to yours, lifts their self-confidence, enhances their mood for the day, gives them courage to compliment you or someone else and many other wonderful things.

So why don’t we give more? What are we afraid of? Why is it that I get and give so very few in NZ but they seem to flow more freely in the US?

I’d talked to my wife a while back about trying to compliment people more in New Zealand and I found it hard. Girls think that you’re hitting on them, guys think that you’re probably hitting on them or have some ulterior motive. No, I just genuinely like your jacket or your hair or your talent, nothing more, nothing less.

I’m going to practice giving more compliments here in the US over the next three months. I’m going to get real good at it and then bring it home and compliment the hell out of you whether you like it or not.

So I’ll kick it off with making it the June #LMAchallenge. Not sure what that is? Well basically you join this community right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LMAchallenge/ and then you perform the challenge daily for a month. You can post the story or photo in the group if you would like to share or follow other people and see what’s going on.


This month’s challenge is simple, yet hard: Compliment a different person every day in June. 

These comments can be superficial, but they work a lot better if they’ve got a little bit of depth to them. I once held an exercise in compliments and one girl turned to another and said something to the affect of, “I’ve never told you this before, but, when I was at my lowest, you were my shining light and the reason that I kept going.” They both started crying. It was beautiful. Why had she never told her that? Both of them were happier, and closer, for the fact.
The other day some guy in LA stopped me on the street and said, “I love your style”. That made me smile inside and out.

So if you can, get personal and get honest. If you run out of those people over the month then turn to strangers or acquaintances, they too will appreciate the hell out of your compliment.

Feel free to join the group, make some new friends and take another step towards a more awesome life.

Enjoy June.

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