LMA adventures

LMA adventures

Look after your mental health,
promote mental health awareness
& raise money for Live More Awesome.

About Us

LMAadventures is a project of Live More Awesome, a registered NZ charity raising awareness and helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

In February 2011, Dan Drupsteen helped his friend Jimi Hunt go on a mighty adventure to lilo (a cheap inflatable matress) the entire length of the Waikato River, New Zealand's longest. Jimi was doing it to raise awareness for mental health, but, he was really doing it for himself. Having suffered from depression for many years, Jimi had realised that going on an adventure was something that he needed to do to get better and he needed Dan's help to make it a reality.

Adventures have some hidden benefits: They get you outside, Vitamin D is great for mood and mental health. They get you fit because you more than likely have to train for it. They get you eating healthier because that's how you get fit. They surround you with wonderful people willing to help out, community is key. They give you a goal, a sense of purpose and something to work towards. And lastly, something that we forget to do as well get older, is adventures give you a massive dose of YAHOOS!

    CAN I GO ON?

    Well, that's all up to you, your adventures could be big or small, near of far. Such as:

    Swim a lilo down a long river (but I think that's already been done)   |   Climb a big mountain   |   Kayak a long river or ocean   |   Walk a long way   |   Ride your bike around the world   |   Hitch-hike to another country and back   |   Ride a horse across the desert   |   Do a massive car rally   |   Build something MASSIVE!   |   Compete in an amateur boxing match   |   Complete a multi-day hike / climb   |   Spend a week in a box   |   Skateboard across country   |   Come up with a better idea than these...

John Dennis

Solo Walk To The South Pole

Affected by suicide, John decided to do some crazy and awesome, try to be the fastest person to walk solo to the South Pole. All the while, raising awareness for mental health and money for LMA. Utter legend.

Lisa Guy

The Rickshaw Run

Lisa and her friends joined in on an event run by "The Adventurists", a trans-continential ricksaw race across India with no support or rules. A lesson in teamwork and asking for help, she also raised awareness and money for LMA.

Lynn Paterson

Kayak Around NZ

180 days around the entire coastline of NZ is a pretty big adventure. Mental health is a special topic for Red, so she's spreading the message everywhere she goes.

Scott Wisnewski

Auckland Marathon

As an official charity for the Auckland Marathon, Scott has taken a 'golden ticket' and is competing in his first ever marathon. He's also raising money and spreading the word through events in his local area.

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