Go to www.worldsbiggestwaterslide.com. Now.
Because if I was you I would sign up now.
Well, because the tickets are going to sell out very very quickly and the people who have signed up will get the first go at purchasing tickets.
“What am I signing up for?”
The chance to come to the World’s Biggest Waterslide that’s what!

The Live More Awesome Foundation is having a fundraiser. We have things that we want to do in order to help tackle depression and help people. We need money to do this. We could have a sausage sizzle. We could have a golf day. We could have an art auction. We could sing a song.



If you hadn’t guessed so far, we chose the latter.

We have massive plans. The slide is looking like it will be over 700 metres long. We will have music and performers. There will be food and drink. Basically, it will be a festival type atmosphere with more than you could possibly hope for. Everything is coming together perfectly. Life is good.

This event will be happening over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of Feb 2013, only 30 minutes from downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

Don’t live in NZ? We’re having a competition to bring one person from anywhere in the world, so stay tuned.

This is simply a warning to you that you should sign up so that you get in first. These tickets are guaranteed to sell out in a hurry and we’d love you to come because you’re part of the family.

One last time… www.worldsbiggestwaterslide.com

Oh yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh…

Talk to us!